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External Characteristics

The tendency to use behaviour that influences someone in a dishonest and harmful way

The tendency to be cruel, and to use physical aggression and violence

The tendency to act in a way that is designed to draw attention to oneself, while enjoying to be the centre of attention

The extent to which a person lacks manners and disrespects social norms and rules

The quality of being conning, unprincipled and wanting to take advantage of others

The tendency to retaliate and punish others, when a person is wronged

The tendency to deliberately make someone annoyed or angry

A person's tendency of being convinced that they are better and more deserving than others

The extent to which a person is insensitive and indifferent towards others

The extent to which a person wants to punish others for their wrongdoings

Internal Characteristics

The extent to which a person feels nervous, jittery and tense

The extent to which a person feels sad, worthless, dissatisfied, and socially withdrawn

The extent to which a person is nervous about the future

The extent to which a person is affected by criticism, teasing and being ridiculed

The tendency to feel afraid and timid in dangerous situations

The tendency to lose temper, be irritable and agitated

The quality of being wary and suspicious of others’ motives

The tendency to feel resentful and discontented when others possess greater wealth, qualities or luck

The characteristic of being unable to make decisions quickly and efficiently

The tendency to feel uncomfortable with ambiguous, unclear or uncertain situations

The extent to which a person constantly thinks about their past actions and mistakes

The tendency to feel less capable and worthy than other people

The quality of being immersed in activities, e.g. a theatrical play, concert, TV show


The quality of being truthful, sincere and keeping promises

The quality of being reliable and responsible

The tendency to make safer rather than riskier choices

The tendency to act of a spur of the moment without much thinking

The quality to control own impulses and to think about consequences before acting

The quality of feeling comfortable when giving directions, taking decisions and initiative, convincing others, and enjoying positions of power

The quality of being ambitious, hard-working and goal-oriented

The quality to continue with and finish a task despite pitfalls

Self-perception of being competent, efficient and effective when performing tasks

The tendency to plan ahead and think through the process before starting

The quality of arranging and keeping things in a neat and organised way

The quality of paying careful attention to details

The tendency to generate original ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems

The tendency to postpone and delay beginning of the task

The tendency to make decisions based on feelings and intuition rather than on logical arguments

The extent to which one’s attention is easily drawn away from a task at hand

The extent to which a person prefers to have fun rather than to spend time at work

The preference for working alone rather than with others

The tendency to fantasise and day dream

Openness to Experience

The characteristic of expressing adverse, judgemental and disapproving attitudes towards others

The unwillingness to change an opinion or stance, in spite of good reasons

The extent to which a person is unwilling to tolerate and respect opposing views and opinions

The quality of treating everyone equally and avoiding discrimination and favouritism

The characteristic of believing in and acting in accordance with more traditional views and ideas, rather than embracing a more progressive liberal stance on social issues

The tendency to believe in a universal power or God

The quality of being open to new ways of doings things, and the willingness to participate in new rather than familiar activities

The tendency to seek and enjoy thrilling and exciting activities

The quality of avoiding physical harm

The tendency to examine and analyse your own behaviour, motives, thoughts and feelings

The tendency to examine and analyse behaviour, motives, thoughts and feelings of other people

Liking of artistic and aesthetic activities such as ballet, music and art

The quality of enjoying to explore and discuss abstract concepts related to nature and human condition

Enjoyment derived from performing tasks that require thinking

The desire to research, understand and engage in conversations on a broad range of topics, e.g. politics, art, science.

The characteristic of showing unconventional beliefs, thoughts and behaviour

Positive Characteristics

The extent to which a person feels others' pain, problems and concerns

The quality of being affectionate and kind that makes others feel comfortable and at ease

The tendency to forget others’ wrongdoings

The tendency to experience positive emotions such as joy and happiness

The quality of helping others entirely out of good will and without expecting anything in return

The extent to which a person is thankful and grateful

The quality to find events and situations amusing


The quality of being insistent when interacting with others

The ability to interact with and speak to a large group of people with ease

The extent to which an individual enjoys being around other people

The quality of being pleasant and kind when interacting with others

The extent to which a person is confident to approach others first and start a conversation

The tendency to seek and rely upon other people’s support when facing problems

The extent to which a person is willing to disclose personal information

The extent to which a person is energetic, has a dynamic lifestyle and is involved in numerous activities

The tendency to take decisions independently of others, and not being concerned with others' approval

The tendency to fear staying or being left alone