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About PSYCULATOR LLC – PSYCULATOR + group meeting

Headquartered in London, UK, Psyculator LLC is a developer and publisher of personality tests (try our free Big Five personality test to uncover your true self in minutes). At its core, Psyculator is a survey-based psychological calculator that allows you to examine personality characteristics in yourself as well as in people around you by using our Behavioural assessment tests. As developers of this project, we are a team of professionals with different skill sets ranging from personality research and psychometrics to mathematical modeling and machine learning. Each person in our team is an expert in their respective field, holding a PhD-level qualification and having years of industrial experience behind their back.

About PSYCULATOR LLC – PSYCULATOR + woman at work

Combining our knowledge and skills, we are driven to fulfill our passion for developing some of the most accurate and robust personality measures on the market and, most importantly, making them available and affordable for everyone!

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Our story

Navigating the multitude of free personality tests online can often be overwhelming and time-consuming. It's difficult to accept the validity of a quick quiz that squeezes the complexity of human personality traits into a handful of categories. Psyculator is your reliable alternative, delivering affordable, accurate and evidence-informed personality assessments you can trust.

Whether you're looking to gain valid insight into your unique characteristics, what drives you and where your strengths lie or wish to better understand and predict the behaviour of those around you, Psyculator was born out of a passion to deliver the accuracy, meticulous attention to detail and scientific grounding that other tests lack.

With over 70 personality characteristics covered in your confidential and comprehensive report, you can acquire a complete breakdown of cognitive functions, temperament, social type, interpersonal skills and motivational attributes, among other traits – backed by reliable research and decades of professional experience in personality research and psychometrics. Whether you're considering a new job, exploring a new romantic relationship, scaling your business, looking to connect with like-minded people or just want to understand your relatives better, Psyculator delivers reliable insight in a user-friendly, accessible and affordable format. 

Self-knowledge is crucial to self-growth, and with Psyculator, you'll be equipped with the most accurate and actionable personality insights. Why waste valuable time scrolling through a seemingly never-ending list of novelty quizzes and questionnaires when you can move forward with certainty? Discover the hidden depths of your personality today.


Stringent privacy controls to protect your data

At Psyculator, we strongly emphasize safeguarding personal data, providing the highest privacy protection for our users. Each assessment is anonymous and confidential, therefore, we do not request personal information that would identify the users of our platform or anyone they want to assess, and we will never sell or share personal data with any third party. We also actively encourage our users to complete assessments with randomly generated nicknames.

As part of our proactive approach to ensuring our platform is secure, Psyculator uses the latest encryption technologies to protect user data. An email address may sometimes be required to send you your confidential report, but this will only be actioned with your explicit consent. We remain committed to building long-lasting relationships with our website visitors and customers based on trust and transparency. If you would like to learn more about the data we process, why and how we process it, please do not hesitate to send us a message.